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Why should you upgrade from Salesforce Classic to Lightning?

Salesforce Lightning. It’s the word on the streets. We’ve all probably heard it at some point. Like the new iPhone or a new car we might not know the fine details behind it, but we probably know it’s an upgrade of some kind. And like most upgrades we’re probably thinking we can do without it. Your current car is still getting you from point A to point B and your phone is still taking calls. Additionally you’re probably thinking your Salesforce Classic is still managing your customers fine too. No need to upgrade.

However, in this case the differences between Classic and Lightning can’t be compared to minor upgrades like that of a phone or a car. Salesforce Lighting isn’t a minor upgrade like more RPMs in a car or a better camera in a phone. Lightning is a fundamental shift in how Salesforce is structured and how the system is coded. The differences between the two would be like comparing a horse drawn carriage to that of a new Audi.

So exactly what sets Salesforce Lightning apart from Classic?


For starters, it’s the future. 

CRM Software for any business is an investment. And like any investment a business makes, it should take care of your current present day needs and your future needs. Salesforce Lightning is an investment in the future. While Salesforce isn’t going to be turning out the lights at the offices of Classic next week, you do want to set up your business for future enhancements and the capacity for improving your user’s experience. The level of scalability and customizations that are available in Lightning have the engine to grow in tandem with your business that Classic simply doesn’t.

It’s better for the users. And that’s how a CRM should be. 

While there are many benefits of Salesforce Lightning for admins, at the end of the day the features and upgrades have to make sense for your users and the people who will be using it day in and day out to close deals. Starting with the home page; it’s a clear night and day difference for your users. The customizable dashboards and assistant features to clearly manage tasks and track leads takes Classic from a simple menu to a detailed cookbook. The modernized user interface itself will have your users being thankful for the upgrade. In Lightning, it’s more than just a more appealing color scheme or layout. It’s about what’s under the hood too. Leads, Contacts, Accounts and Opportunities are still the bedrock in Lightning but it’s not just a new skin, but a fundamental overhaul of the entire platform.

Salesforce Lightning is a powerful tool that can benefit a business of any size. The scalability and customizations really make it the perfect tool for companies the size of Amazon and your local ten person, family owned business.

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